Dundee University Microbuilding

At HL Metals we provide many services to assist you with your project, e.g. pre-tender budget costs, product advice, roof build up advice, roofing substrate requirements, recommended roof systems as well as full and comprehensive survey reports for existing roof structures. We readily supply all the technical information you need and are happy to answer any questions you have to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. We can assist with general specification requirements and more specialised roof and wall structure specification. We oversee our roofing and cladding works from start to finish.

We have worked on an immense range of projects from small residential buildings to large commercial projects, whether it is work on a new building, or changes to an existing building you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us for impartial advice or any further information on the services we provide.

Please bear in mind that for the purposes of imparting information about the products and services we provide within the pages of our website we predominantly refer to ZINC roofing or cladding. This is primarily due to ZINC standing seam being the most popular product we receive enquiries on. However, bear in mind that we can also provide COPPER, STAINLESS STEEL and ALUMINIUM for roofing and cladding depending on your budget and location.

If you are interested in a zinc roof or wall cladding on your new build property, extension or existing roof you can expect the following from HL Metals:

  • A fully comprehensive detailed supply and fit price based on the roofing/ cladding drawings provided by you or your Architect
  • Assist Architect with specification to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and manufacturer recommendations
  • Assist you to meet your budget and help get you to where you want to be on price
  • Assist your builder on the timber requirements necessary for us to fit your zinc roof
  • Fit rainwater system of zinc gutters and rainwater pipes if these are required
  • Provide a Manufacturer Product Warranty for a 30 year period
  • Provide a defects liability period of one year following completion of your zinc roof or cladding
  • Always offer our assistance in the unlikely event that any problems should ever occur over time
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